There Are Five Easy Things You May Do to Reduce Bloating After a Big Meal 

Bloating is characterized by several symptoms, including abdominal swelling, burping, acidity, gas, and pain. During the holiday and wedding seasons, it is customary to overindulge in one’s favorite meals, which can lead to uncomfortable feelings of fullness. As a result of this, we conferred with some of the world’s most eminent authorities in the field of medicine to get insight into the various means by which one can obtain comfort The following is an account of what they said. 

“Bloating is the result of excessive gas generation in the stomach, which is caused by the fermentation of fiber. It’s more likely to happen after eating a large meal, but it’s usually not anything to worry about. You can soothe and enhance your gastrointestinal motility by drinking ginger tea, or you can drink water after a large meal to keep the contents of your gut moving. 

In addition, don’t forget to stretch out your muscles with a brisk walk or ease into some gentle yoga poses like the child’s pose or the chair pose. According to Chandni Haldurai, lead dietitian at the cult. fit, they will assist in clearing your stomach by softening the walls of your intestinal tract. Following a huge meal, here are five ways to lessen the amount of bloating you experience: 

Maintain Hydration 

“When you feel bloated after consuming a large meal, it is generally because your body is holding water due to all of the salty foods and liquor you may have had. Water helps minimize bloating. ” If you consume a sufficient amount of water, your body will flush out part of the salt and discharge the additional fluids that have been stored there. 

You should feel less bloated as a result of doing this. According to Rohit Shelatkar, a nutrition and fitness specialist who also serves as the Vice President of Vitabiotics, “water should be drunk as much as is comfortable throughout the day both before and after a big meal.” 

Keep Yourself Active 

According to some research, going for a brief stroll can assist stimulate stomach motility and lessen feelings of bloating. Get off the couch and engage in some physical activity. Do it even if you don’t feel like it, especially if you’ve spent the previous night or weekend indulging in excessive eating and drinking. 

This will help reduce the uncomfortable feelings of fullness. Maintaining an active lifestyle, even if you aren’t feeling well enough to go to the gym, will assist you beyond anything else. Just walking around will do. According to Rohit Shelatkar, adding 30 to 40 minutes of aerobic activity to your routine can not only assist ease stomach pain but also crank up your digestive tract. ​​ 

Drink Water with Lemon “After a heavy lunch, take some lemon shots! 

Yes, mix the juice of 2 lemons with the same amount of water, and then consume the mixture as if it were a shot right after you finish your meals. This will aid in the reduction of acid in your stomach, as well as enhance digestion and lessen bloating. 

According to Nyala Kapadia, a personal trainer and co-founder of Intermittent Fasting and Mindful Living, “This robust, bio-accessible dose of vitamin C is also the best cleansing agent that nature has to offer, and it is a part of my daily practice.” 

Have Digestive Friendly Drinks 

After eating a large meal, you should drink something that will stimulate your digestive tract. It is normal to feel bloated after eating a few heavy meals or after consuming a lot of food all at once. Here is a straightforward treatment that should assist. Combine a half teaspoon of carom seeds with a half teaspoon of black salt. 

This should be ingested together with a half glass of warm water. This will nearly immediately relieve the bloating that you are experiencing. According to dietitian Khushboo Jain Tibrewala, fast cures such as these might work occasionally, but if you frequently get bloating, the best solution is to make some adjustments to your diet. 

“My favorite is CCF tea, which I offer to folks who suffer from bloating, whether it is after a heavy meal or after indulging in something that isn’t good for them. A mixture of coriander, cumin, and fennel seeds is boiled together to make this combination. 

It is an outstanding choice for use as a beverage to reduce bloating. Both coriander and cumin contain active chemicals, which help to relieve bloating and gas by stimulating the release of gastric juice and assisting digestion. 

The digestive tract receives a calming effect from fennel, and the muscles of the GI tract are relaxed as a result. “Another benefit of drinking this tea throughout the day is that it acts as a homeopathic alternative for reducing bloating,” explains Dr. Vishakha Shivdasani.

Drink tea made with ginger 

Drinking ginger tea after eating can help reduce the likelihood of feeling bloated afterward. Ginger’s anti-inflammatory and carminative characteristics assist reduce digestive stress by lowering the amount of excess gas formed in the gastrointestinal system. This is accomplished through ginger’s ability to stimulate the production of digestive enzymes. 

The use of ginger can increase the body’s digestive enzymes, so aiding in the breakdown of food and reducing the risk of gastrointestinal problems. There is an enzyme in ginger called zingibain, and it makes it easier for the body to break down protein, which decreases the likelihood of feeling bloated and heavy. 

To make ginger tea, simply grate half an inch of fresh ginger into water that has been brought to a boil. Allow it to steep for around 5–6 minutes. According to Aman Puri, creator of Steadfast Nutrition and a specialist in health and nutrition, adding freshly pressed lemon to it will produce better outcomes. Another wonderful beverage that can help alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of bloating is chamomile tea. 

Tea made from chamomile, a herb with a subtly sweet flavor, can be sipped on its own or blended with other flavors, such as other spices or other herbs. 

Chamomile tea is a type of herbal tea that is not prepared from tea but rather from flowers. These flowers alleviate bloating as well as pain in the digestive tract. According to Dr. Archana Batra, a nutritionist licensed diabetic educator, and physiotherapist, preliminary studies indicate that chamomile extracts may be capable of reducing diarrhea and stomach lesions due to the anti-inflammatory characteristics that it possesses.”