10 Of The Biggest Winnings Ever From An Online Casino

Because online gambling has been around for so long, there are several examples of its positive impacts. Although it is quite rare for the average individual who gambles online to win or lose a small amount of money, we have heard of cases where gamblers have won large sums of money while sitting at their offices. You should not expect to be in their shoes any time soon, but it is interesting and beneficial to consider these examples of people whose lives have been affected as a result of online gambling.

If you’re here, it stands to reason that you have financial goals of your own, which may include winning some money. If you are playing from South Africa, make sure you are doing so from one of the legal online casinos. It would be unpleasant to achieve a great deal of success just to have a large portion of it taken away from you in the form of a fine or other legal obligation that stops you from collecting your earnings.

Someone Won $24,000,000.00

Slot machines are a waste of time, as anyone with even a passing acquaintance with the gaming industry knows. The house advantage is usually rather high, and some users dislike the website because of how it determines the number of spins. Sometimes it pays off, and sometimes it’s the largest sum of money ever won through internet gambling. This, however, does not happen very often.

It happened in 2013, while a Finnish gamer was playing NetEnt’s Mega Fortune. He received €17.8 million, which was comparable to $23.6 million at the time and would be over $28.1 million today. The wheel only cost him 25 cents to spin. The individual has yet to be recognised, which is perhaps for the best given the amount of money he received.

A Soldier Claims The $17.2 Million Jackpot

Our next successful bet brings us to the United Kingdom, where we take on a case that is strikingly similar to the one we won previously. In 2015, a British soldier named Jonathon Heywood, who was 26 at the time, was caught betting at a Betway online casino. So, what exactly is the link here? Pence is the equivalent of a cent in the United States, and he was betting 25 pence on each play of the Mega Moolah slot machine, another NetEnt creation.

What exactly did he get for his quarter-pound wager? He was able to convert it into £13.2 million, which was equivalent to $17.2 million at the time and is now comparable to $20.1 million. According to a Betway employee who worked with Heywood after he won, Heywood “didn’t appear as happy” when he found out he had won because he still works and utilizes the money to ensure his family’s financial stability. Heywood recently spoke to the press about his victory.

The Advantage of Sleep Deprivation

Insomnia is a severe disorder characterized by an inability to sleep. It is not required that there be a physical ailment for it to occur, but the fact that it does occur makes life more difficult for many people. When one person was looking for something to do and came across internet gambling, it turned out to be the event that changed the direction of their life. We’re not sure if it helped him sleep, but having insomnia and winning millions of dollars is preferable to having insomnia and losing millions of dollars, isn’t it?

This one takes us back to Scandinavia, namely Norway, where the insomniac was caught playing a few games at Betsson in 2011. He had the identical experience as in our last story: he played the Mega Fortune slots and won €11.7 million. When compared to the previous amount of nearly $15 million, this is roughly $18 million.

Another Triumph for the Scandinavians

In 2015, a guy in Sweden won the jackpot by playing NetEnt’s Mega Moolah game, the same year Jonathon Heywood earned his reward. We only know his name, “Alexander,” and that both of them were 30 years old. We don’t know much about his condition, but we do know that he earned 8.5 million euros, which is comparable to 9.5 million dollars or, adjusted for inflation, 11 million dollars.

A Woman Won $8.8 Million On Her iPad

In 2016, a player who chose to stay anonymous won the reward for the largest jackpot ever recorded on a mobile device. The only things we know for certain about them are that she played at Zodiac Casino on an iPad, that she went by the moniker “D.P.” and that they were, well, a she.

It is usually a good idea to keep one’s anonymity after winning a huge sum of money, and this is especially true after winning an impossible jackpot in which one euro turns into 7.9 million of that currency. That equates to $8.8 million in US dollars, which is close to $10 million.

Betsson Achieves Yet Another Victory

After their Hall of Gods slot machine paid them €7.8 million, Betsson Casino would make another player very wealthy. This player’s story is similar to that of the last insomniac. That equates to $10.2 million today, up from $8.7 million back then. We have no additional information on many of the winners, as we do on many others.

Because of the Hall of Gods, Another Person Becomes Wealthy

Scandinavia appears to be a good destination for online gamblers. In 2012, a Swedish woman was playing the Hall of Gods slot game, which was offered by Unibet Online casino at the time. She won 7.6 million euros, one of the greatest rewards ever granted by the casino. At the time, €7.6 million was comparable to $9 million, but that figure is now $11.5 million.

In Greece, a Slot Machine Junkie Won €6.3 Million

A Greek man who admitted to routinely playing slot machines won €6.3 million in 2009, which was equivalent to $8.6 million at the time but is now worth almost $11.1 million. We can be assured that he used the money wisely because he was a business owner at the age of 36. The River Belle Online Casino played an important role in facilitating the transaction, which resulted in the largest Micro gaming win to that moment.

An Australian Who Won $7.8 Million

After that, we bid farewell to Europe and flew to the other side of the world, to the continent of Australia. Midway through 2016, an Australian player who wishes to remain anonymous won another of Microgaming’s jackpots. The gambler earned AU$10.4 million, which is equivalent to $7.8 million or $8.8 million in 2021 while playing a slot machine themed after The Dark Knight at Spin Palace Casino.

A New Zealander Has Won $7.4 Million

We don’t have to travel far to find another example of a massive win at an online casino, this time from Australia. Rawiri Pou was gaming at Casinoland in New Zealand, where a popular game called Mega Moolah was being hosted. It occurred in 2016, the same year as our most recent triumph, and it netted him 10.1 million New Zealand dollars. In dollars, that figure was $7.4 million, which is equivalent to $8.5 million today.

Rawiri’s reaction was more natural than some others, such as Jonathon Heywood’s; she issued a statement that included expressions like “can’t believe,” “shock,” “going to change my life,” “overwhelmed,” and “happy.”